Born in Uganda, our owner Augustine Guma, came to the USA in 1991.

“I grew up in Idi Amin’s time,” he said in a recent telephone interview. “My father had a nice farm with several head of cattle and a convenient store. That was all destroyed during the war.” (Read more) Guma escaped the war-ravaged country of his birth, and eventually settled in Cape May,NJ.

He started out as a dishwasher, and worked his way up to Sous chef at the Lobster House. Attending Stockton College along the way, he earned multiple degrees, and is now a software engineer and accountant

Miraculously surviving atrocities during Ugandan civil wars during ID AMIN, OBOTE and Museven , details of which are narrated in his book “Gumax, the story about The Golden Egg”;. book and movie’ about the power of Determination, Dedication and “FIRE” Desire. Its a tragicomic story of a humble boy-14 from “The Pearl of Africa, Uganda”, who up till then, had only known and seen PEACE and HAPPINESS instilled to him by his parents. Suddenly he is faced with WAR, Death and Destruction and Hunger. Only to be encouraged by his Dad & MISSIONARIES from the US that with a burning desire and trust in God, the sky is the limit.

Engulfed with ALL challenges ;new weather ,immigration , disaster , he shrives and achieves his final desire; Love and Peace. The movie is full of Gold and Diamond trading across East and South Africa ,and UAA and Cultural Marriage and developing a complex financial Business system to achieve a financial Super Power.

Guma cites his father, who instilled in him the will to survive, and indeed, to thrive. “The leadership of dictator Idi Amin and several of his successors interrupted my simple, yet beautiful childhood,” he noted. “The details of which I will never want any human being go through.”

For those interested in the details, Guma recommends the 2004 movie, Hotel Rwanda.

“Most importantly,” Guma said, “my hard-working father, Joseph Amatre, sat me down after everything he had worked for was destroyed during the war, and told me, ‘My Son, I’m sorry I can not afford to educate you beyond the 7th grade, but I can tell you this, if you have a burning desire to change and trust in the Lord, with determination and dedication, you can achieve anything, even buying your own shoes.'” I had my first shoe at age 10

His father’s guidance has stayed with him. While in exile in the Republic of Congo after escaping the war, he saw these “strong giant people with large feet, yet softhearted with love and compassion.”

They were giving out food, blankets, and even ate grasshoppers along with the native population when food was scarce.

“I found out later, that they were from the American Red Cross and US Army,” Guma said to me, if a stranger can love you with no strings attached , so much so that he will sacrifice his/her life to protect you , suffer with you and even die for you? Who?

When I grew up I came to learn, Only 2 defining forces have ever offered to die for you….Jesus Christ and the American Soldier. One died for your soul, the other for your freedom. For that I salute the American soldier and we do their taxes for free and they have continued to refer clients and help expand our company nationwide.

“Ever since that time, I have wanted to be like them, and to like people like my father, who was always generous.” Guma learned the gold business, and at age 20 became a successful gold merchant, but the country was getting ever more dangerous, so he fled to the United States, arriving in Cape May in November, 1991.

He financed his education by working in restaurants, where he gained 16 years of professional cooking experience and attained BSC in Computer Science and Accounting. He also worked as an intern for RMS Information Systems in software development and testing and discovered the similarity between computer algorithms and food recipes, “it’s all some form of precise instructions to create something fabulous! I prefer the later because of the instant appreciation of the product (dish) created”. In 2003, he founded Gumax International Ltd. (www.gumapies.com, www.gumaxtaxresolution.com). Gumax International Ltd. is a dynamic multi-faceted corporation; GUMA-X INTERNATIONAL LTD ( where X denotes all in partnership with Guma, the founder.

At Gumax, we provide clients who have helped us expand over the years(and any other clients or individuals with entrepreneurial spirit) chance to be in business FOR themselves but not BY themselves. Gumax Accounting Services, backed with experienced group of professionals, provides all the support and training you need! Plus, you have the freedom and flexibility to build your business how you want it — when you want to.

Augustine was inspired by volunteers (American Red Cross, US Soldiers, British and Swedish volunteers etc) who dedicated their time and lives to help improve the living conditions in Uganda.

And there are many more good people and other forces of power to change the world: the Power of Money, knowledge and Love if used positively. Gumax Global Empowerment (GGE) is looking to partner with those who possess the above characteristics to positively help achieve our mission

If you think you possess any one, two or all of the above characteristics, please sign up here

Power of love

Power of knowledge(researchers doctors teachers, programmers ,any unique talent)

Power of Money


EMPOWER, PARTNER AND SUPPORT individuals, small businesses and charity organizations who are inclined towards LOVE, COMPASSION AND PEACE.


  1. Is to help charity organizations to be transparent and extremely accountable by helping them with accounting work and management support in exchange for financial support.
  2. Expand global food production by helping and partnering with western food experts and fertile African land owners.
  3. Promote health care services in East Africa and later the rest of Africa and third world countries by partnering directly with local organizations. Network with volunteer doctors(of African origin or those with a heart for Africa) pharmacists and nurses to educate and mentor African healthcare personnel.
  4. Financial Support for Educational and medical Real Estate.
  5. Promote love through faith based charity organizations.
  6. Provide Resources(funding) to entrepreneurs.

Augustine has created Gumax International, Ltd. — a multi-faceted business that specializes in Guma Spicy Pies! (www.gumapies.com) and accounting services (www.gumaxtaxresolution.com and more). At Gumax International Ltd. we do business with determination, dedication, and desire. We provide our products and services to support our mission by:

  1. Subsidizing tuition for Training young future accountants and tax return preparers with high integrity through our Gumaxplus training academy.
  2. Entrepreneurs mentor and support by networking them with retired corporate executives, hands on project management assignments heading fundraising teams.
  3. Providing complimentary(or subsidized professional accounting and auditing work to charity organizations.