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Augustine Guma, the owner of www.GumAx.Org, was born in Uganda and migrated to the USA in 1991. Growing up in Idi Amin’s regime, his father’s farm and store got destroyed during the war. Augustine survived the Ugandan civil wars during the reigns of ID AMIN, OBOTE and Museven. His life story is narrated in his book “Gumax, the story about The Golden Egg”, which highlights the power of determination, dedication, and “FIRE” desire. It’s a tragicomic story of a 14-year-old boy from Uganda who encounters war, death, destruction, and hunger, only to be encouraged by his father and missionaries from the US. Augustine eventually thrived and became a software engineer and accountant, after starting out as a dishwasher and working his way up to Sous chef at the Lobster House while attending Stockton College. The story is full of Gold and Diamond trading across East and South Africa, and UAA, as well as cultural marriage and developing a complex financial business system to achieve a financial Super Power. Augustine cites his father, Joseph Amatre, who instilled in him the will to survive and thrive. Despite the difficult details of his past that he would never want any human being to go through, Augustine urges those interested in learning more about the Ugandan civil wars to watch the 2004 movie, Hotel Rwanda.

Augustine Guma’s father, Joseph Amatre, inspired him to succeed despite the hardships they faced during the Ugandan civil wars. After Joseph’s farm and store were destroyed during the conflict, he told Augustine that he couldn’t afford to educate him beyond the 7th grade. However, he encouraged Augustine to change his life by trusting in the Lord, being determined and dedicated, and having a burning desire to succeed. Augustine recalls having his first shoe at the age of 10, which was a meaningful experience for him.

While in exile in the Republic of Congo, Augustine was moved by the kindness of the American Red Cross and US Army personnel who provided food, blankets, and even shared their food with the locals when food was scarce. He was touched by their selflessness and willingness to protect him and others, and he decided to be like them and people like his father, who was known for his generosity.

At the age of 20, Augustine became a successful gold merchant, but due to the escalating danger in Uganda, he fled to the United States and arrived in Cape May in November 1991. He worked in restaurants to finance his education and gained 16 years of professional cooking experience while earning a BSC in Computer Science and Accounting.

Augustine also worked as an intern for RMS Information Systems, where he learned about the similarity between computer algorithms and food recipes. He discovered that both require careful planning, attention to detail, and precise execution to achieve the desired outcome. As a tribute to his gratitude for the American soldiers, Augustine’s company does their taxes for free and or greatly  discounted and provides services nationwide including providing their food trucks for free if veterans have access to sell Guma Pies in Football stadiums.

Augustine Guma funded his education by working in restaurants, gaining 16 years of professional cooking experience, and earning a BSC in Computer Science and Accounting. As an intern at RMS Information Systems, he recognized the similarities between computer algorithms and food recipes, both requiring precise instructions to create something fabulous. This realization sparked his interest in software development and led him to found Gumax International Ltd. in 2003.

Gumax International Ltd. is a dynamic and multi-faceted corporation that aims to empower, partner with, and support individuals, small businesses, and charity organizations inclined towards love, compassion, and peace. Gumax Accounting Services provides clients with all the support and training needed to succeed in business. Successful clients who have helped expand the company and individuals with entrepreneurial spirit are welcomed. The company offers freedom and flexibility in building businesses as clients want them and when they want.

Augustine was inspired by volunteers such as the American Red Cross, US Soldiers, British, and Swedish volunteers who devoted their time to improve Uganda’s living conditions. He believes that the power of love, knowledge, and money can change the world positively. To achieve its mission, Gumax Global Empowerment (GGE) intends to partner with individuals possessing the above characteristics, such as doctors, researchers, teachers, programmers, or any unique talent. Any interested individuals can sign up on their website.

Overall, the goal of GGE is to help charity organizations and small businesses to empower, partner and support them in achieving their objectives.